Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Day Big Bikes Went Big

Sunday AM in a coffee fueled frenzy I managed to cobble together my new Fisher Rig and take it out for it's inaugural ride.

I took it out on one of the most technical trails I know near my house, the fact that I hadn't ridden a mountain bike in almost two months and the fact that I was on an entirely new animal caused a few sketchy moments but all in all I was psyched on the ride. This 29er thing just might work for me.

After the ride I went over to The Beanpot Crit to watch The IBC kids throw down in both the mens'and women's field. Somehow the only picture I managed to take was of Miriam looking cute in her new glasses. The day prior I had taken this picture of Ricky G looking cute with his new hands-free set during Super-Sale at the shop.

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