Friday, December 15, 2006

Flyin' Brian

Went out to the Trek demo at Blue Hills yesterday, rode a Fuel EX, it was ill-fitting and the suspension wasn't adjusted very well for my weight so it wasn't a great experience, but it was cool to get a feel for the new XTR. Riding gears was weird, I didn't know what to do, felt like a spaz, got bounced around all over the place. Had a great time on a Fisher Fat Possum just crashing into stuff, felt way more like playing than bike riding. Brian hopped on a Session and showed us crosscountry types what skills look like, the video doesn't really capture how insanely skecthy the landing and run out were, this guy is a nut:

And I really wish I could refrain from letting out that one lame adjective while filming these things,


just another guy who moved to arlington said...


Hey, ThomP! I have a new blog. You can find it if you know the sound of starting to saw wood.

just another guy who moved to arlington said...

duh... or you could just view my profile and find it that way... who's the idiot, now?

C$ said...

What's your e-mail? Got a good one from Nats.


gwadzilla said...

some times it is nice just to play on the bike...

when I was in high school I was at a local parking garage by the movie theater

times were different
the area was such that it demanded a parking garage in the day
but there was no night life
so there were no cars in the garage

this is where me and my friend Rob would skate
basic 80's street tricks
boneless this
powerslide that
nothing dramatic
some grinds and some rock and rolls and the yellow painted curbs

then the best was running up the stairs and doing the catamarange down

one night we were doing our skateboarding thing when a mess of guns a few years younger and much more skilled on the decks than us showed up
we were all friends
we were considered cool because were were older
but we were just goofs
these guys started to skate our way
for a night they forgot about trying to catch the highest air on the east coast, winning that competition at cedar crest, or whatever the trick was that everyone was trying
on that night they just messed around and laughed

I need to just relax and laugh a little more

gwadzilla said...


I would not try that move on any bike on any day

not with the deepest leaves or snow