Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday Dover Ride

This morning Jason, Montello, and I went out looking for a place people are calling "Satan's Kingdom" out in Dover. All I had to go on was my vague recollection of a Google Map showing where the place was. Couple that with my un-uncanny sense of direction and you got a recipe for an adventure.

I've been riding out in this place for years, I always tend to do the same loop. The search for Satan's Kingdom motivated me to check out some new stuff. This rock face was a welcome addition to the loop.

Here's where the lost getting began. Nice a place as any to lose your way. First we ended up in someone's yard, then some weird blue barrel depot near a shed which looked like a perfect place to store some dead bodies.

The Arm's Length Cam. Slightly more dangerous to operate than Colin's Seat Cam,
but just as prone to get folks hamming it up.

We'd be on a trail that was hardly a trail at all, could be the fallen leaves giving the appearance that no one has been out this way in years, but it seemed odd when we'd come upon a man made structure like this rickety ass bridge.

J drops into a corner. You can see my skid line from dropping the rock then overshooting the corner. Smooth operator.

We never did find Satan's Kingdom, but we found some sweet new trails. Toward the end of the ride I fell victim to the little voice inside my bike. It told me I could crash through a stream full of large rocks and cruise smoothly out the other side. I crashed...into the rocks, used my left knee as a fulcrum as my body levered over the pointiest of the rocks, dumping 65% of my person into the frigid, mucky water.

Getting lost + getting hurt = proper mountain bike ride.

Hey, I just realized...I'm leaving for North Carolina Wednesday to do The SWANK race. 42 Miles with seven something thousand feet of climbing. Maybe I should start training.

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