Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And Justice For Some

Every day I commute to work by bike, every day at least three incidents occur which completely piss me off, usually two of these are life threatening. I take a deep breath every morning and get on my bike with a positive mental attitude, within a few minutes a motorist has done something stupid or insane and my PMA (Bad Brains-speak, not Myspace acronym jibberish)is completely blown. By the third such incident I am a fire-breathing hell-monkey. But that's beside the point.
This morning I was ten minutes into the ride on Huron Ave. where are there many residential side streets opening up onto a kind of main drag. Often (very) folks come jamming out of this streets, not really wanting to stop at the stop sign at the end. Sometimes (not often) they see me and come to a screeching halt, other times they blaze into my path causing me to swerve to the center line and tap their window. Invariably they scream at me and flip me off because I am obviously a bad person doing bad things and breaking laws. This very thing happened this AM, but in a pretty extreme manner, this woman came flying up to the stop sign, I anticipated that there was no chance she was stopping, I swerved wide, gave her a bit of reprimand (understatement), and hoped to catch her at the light and realy let loose. This turned out to be unnecessary as Cambridge cop in a Bronco came careening out of the street behind her. No way, I thought, he can't possibly be about to pull this person over, not in my world, but he did.
Instead of hollering bloody murder at her all I had to to do at this point to make her week suck more was to give her a thumbs up and smile as I rode past. I found all of this so awesome, I was happy riding into a brutal headwind all the way to work.


Colin R said...

No F'ing way!

I too have spent a lot of time riding the yellow line thanks to right-turners that didn't look very hard. That's why I have top mounts.

jeff said...

this is one of those, you just posted to my blog and i realized i haven't been over to yours in a while and i need to comment on your blog so you know i still love you. in a tough-guy, we ride bikes kinda way. which isn't really that tough in the realm in tough-guy stuff, but tough enough for us to be straight when we pat each other on the ass after a good race. not that that has ever happened. ummm.... good racin' out there!

and, i don't know how many times during the boston commute i'd almost get killed and wish for a cop to see that shit. or a cop to care. either way. last time i almost got run-over by a mini-van i looked in the window while giving 'em the one finger salute and it was a cop! i digress. seeing someone get pulled-over like that is like seeing a ... unicorn? a clean european pro roadie? a ... it's too early to be creative, i'll leave that to your race reports.

i can't believe you're still racing! nice work out there.

Andy said...

here's an idea...you need to install an "assholekit" on your top tube consisting of two eggs and a stun gun. Throw the eggs when prompted and back them up with a 20,000 volt jolt if a conflict ensues. :)
or do you thik yu'd be the one being hauled off to the klink?
Merry Christmas!